Sometime over a year ago at a meeting with a client to discuss aspects of her building project, she said, “My favourite colour is pink. Can’t I just use that?” We were discussing the painting of her new home.

That was the umpteenth time I had heard such comments or similar. I patiently guided her through. Coincidentally, we ran into each other recently and she was profuse with appreciation for the guidance I provided back then when she was rounding off her construction project.

That inspired me to write this article, to help other home owners like her simplify the process of choosing the right paint color.

Let’s dive right into 3 tips that will help you overcome your paint choice uncertainties:


This step will narrow your options down and take most of the pressure off.

It is instinctive to want to get the biggest things out of the way first, like painting the home before filling it with furniture.

However, consider that it’s easier to choose a paint colour that goes with your furniture and décor than it is to choose furniture and décor that agree with your home paint colour.

Besides, you can decide on furnishings from catalogues without purchasing them immediately!

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You must not be an expert in colour theory to know what will work with what.

There are affordable colour tools which will help you understand how colours relate with each other. They will also help you find out what colours agree with each other and which do not.

It is pretty easy to use a colour wheel to create a colour scheme. Give it a try.

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Colours have a huge influence on human moods. For example, yellow will uplift your mood and a dark brown could inspire feelings of reliability and security.

Therefore, before you make a huge investment in paints, it is wise to buy a small batch of different colours and try out small wall sections in different rooms.

Leave it on for several days so you can observe how it interacts with natural light variations at different times of the day and under various weather conditions.

Still can’t decide? It never hurts to work with an interior designer if you can afford one.

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