As the Covid-19 pandemic rapidly spread, governments around the world implemented various degrees of lockdown among other major actions. In the construction industry, productivity decreased while costs and project delivery times increased due respectively to social distancing dictates, higher sanitary regulations and works staggering.

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With gradual reopening of the economy and resumption of non-essential construction projects, the public health and economic effects of the pandemic have reconfigured procedures, giving rise to a new normal.

Factors that have emerged during the pandemic which are unlikely to go away even after the coronavirus has been contained. Let’s look at four of those:

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1.      Cleaner and safer work areas.

The risk of coronavirus infection came along with new jobsite policies such as staggered shifts, employee temperature checks and top-to-bottom disinfections of tools, machinery and sites.

Going forward, it is expected that the various protocols to promote social distancing and employee health will stay in place. As a contractor or owner you must put in place restrictions on carpooling, a 100% mask and glove policy and well-stocked hand-washing stations.

It is important to put these in place ahead, as they’re likely to be enforced by new state and federal regulations.

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2.      Longer project delivery times.

While necessary to preserve the health of workers, the new sanitary and safety procedures (like non-compact work teams, and work staggering) will ultimately result in longer times before projects are completed.

As a construction project team member, you must consider this when planning projects and coming up with schedules.

You need to adhere to new work routines and expected delivery times so as to get used to the new norm, and be better prepared in case a second wave of the virus hits.

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3.      In-demand project types will change.

The pandemic will sharply change what types of projects are in demand. Hospitality and entertainment project types will take the biggest hit while healthcare infrastructure and warehousing might see increased activity.

This is crucial to note for build-to-sell players, and those in the specialized building supplies/fixtures market.

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4.      Technology-aided distancing will become the norm.

Current insistence on social distancing will continue into the foreseeable future.

Many companies have developed solutions that work for them such as video-conferenced site meetings, virtual inspections and planning on Trello.

At Cutstruct Technology Limited, we are helping make the transition to the new normal easier and more efficient with our flagship product, LiveVend.

No alt text provided for this image is Africa’s first construction tech platform with which you can compare availability and prices of construction materials across various markets nationwide, order construction materials and get them delivered to you – all virtually with no need to physically visit a market.

Change can be stressful, yes, but the people who survive and thrive are those who take the initiative to adapt quickly.

The new normal is here. Get ready!