In Nigeria, it’s no news that housing is one of the major indicators of a person’s standard of living and place in society. Unfortunately however, only 10% of those who desire the status of being a home owner can afford it. Hence, owning a house has become a success metric and one of many Nigerians’ major goals.

The financial implications and discomfort that comes with paying rent, fuels people’s desire to experience the joy and peace that comes with constructing and living in their own home.

If you’re fortunate to fall within that 10% who can afford to build a home, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid when building one:

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·        Poor budget planning: Have you ever wondered why you see a number of uncompleted building projects around?

Well, research has shown that most people start their construction from a design perspective rather than from a financial perspective.

For a successful building project, take a budget-to-design approach rather than a design-to-budget approach.

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·        Choosing the wrong building contractor: If you choose a wrong contractor, it can jeopardize your whole project and even frustrate you.

If your decision on a contractor is hinged only on how affordable the contractor is, you risk losing way more than you thought you were cutting back on.

For a detailed article on choosing the right building contractor, check out my last article on “how to choose the right builder for your project.”

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·        Going it yourself: “Hiring a contractor is a complete waste of money, I can do it myself!” If you’re on this table, it’s time to come off it.

When you have this mindset and go ahead to act on the notion, it seldom ends well.

It won’t take long before you realize that you’ve made a grave mistake and you’re unqualified for the job.

Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Assemble a team, and allow them help complete your project.

Your job as a home owner is to inspect and check the progress of your home’s construction.

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·        Disregarding building construction laws: A number of buildings have been marked for demolition in Nigeria today because their owners ignored construction laws.

To avoid an unfortunate situation, make sure you abide by construction laws or better still, get yourself a good contractor who knows the law.

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·        Using low quality building materials: Studies show that poor quality building materials have contributed to 52% of building collapse cases in Nigeria.

You don’t invest in a house you don’t want to last, right? I don’t think so either. Ensure whatever building materials your contractor uses is of high quality and that there are no risks to your life and that of your family when you finally move in.

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I hope this article helps you make better decisions for the successful construction of your dream home.

Simple as they might sound, I’ve witnessed the above mistakes jeopardize so many projects – please, avoid them!